Salary and severance disclosure

Find government employee salary and severance information above the annual threshold.

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View salary and severance data for Government of Alberta employees above the annual threshold.

Disclosure requirements

The Government of Alberta is required to disclose salary and severance paid to its employees when the amount is greater than the annual threshold.

Disclosure information is posted online twice per year:

  • June 30 – salary and severance from January 1 to December 31 of the previous calendar year
  • December 31 – severance from January 1 to June 30 of a current calendar year

Under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, this disclosure applies to:

  • deputy ministers
  • senior officials appointed by an Order in Council and paid by the Government of Alberta
  • employees within the offices of a minister, associate minister or the Premier
  • employees as defined under the Government Organization Act

View salary and severance disclosures

This data is also available in a number of open formats on the Alberta Open Government Portal

What is disclosed

  • Regular salary and earnings, such as acting pay, paid in that calendar year.
  • Cash benefits including earnings such as overtime, vacation payout, northern allowance, vehicle allowance and lump-sum payments.
  • Non-cash benefits including the employer’s contributions to pension, medical and dental coverage, group life insurance and disability plans.
  • Contracts of employment.
  • Severance, which includes payments required by contract when employment ends.

Employee thresholds

1 Alberta government employees are paid every 2 weeks. Although the average number of pay periods is 26 a year, this can change based on where the pay periods fall during the calendar year. Therefore, the number of employees that exceed the threshold in a given year can fluctuate. This should be taken into consideration when comparing a person’s year-over-year earnings.
2 Total number of employees disclosed includes those with severance disclosed.
Calendar year Alberta Consumer Price Index increase 1 Number of pay periods Annual threshold 2 Total number of employees disclosed Number of signed severances disclosed
2014 2.1% 26 $102,100 3,554 42
2015 2.6% 27 $104,754 4,054 12
2016 1.1% 26 $105,906 3,551 5
2017 1.1% 26 $107,071 3,361 1
2018 1.6% 26 $108,784 2,661 3
2019 2.4% 26 $111,395    

Legislation and regulations

Public sector body compensation disclosure

Government agencies, boards and commissions are also required to disclose the compensation and severance paid to eligible employees, board members and appointees.


Individuals may apply to be exempted from having their compensation disclosed only if it could unduly threaten their safety. There are no other grounds for granting exemptions.

Read about the compensation disclosure exemption policy and how to apply for an exemption.