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SafeRoads Alberta is the administrative adjudication branch of Alberta Transportation. It is responsible for conducting reviews for:

  • provincial administrative penalties received by impaired drivers, and
  • vehicle seizures received on or after December 1, 2020

Albertans are able to view and manage requests online with reviews that are written, done over the phone, or by videoconference. The process is simple, fast, efficient and fair for Albertans, with Immediate Roadside Sanctions program matters being resolved within 30 days.

The most serious cases, including repeat offenders and impaired driving causing death or bodily harm, may receive both provincial administrative penalties and Criminal Code (Canada) charges.

The Provincial Administrative Penalties Act

The Provincial Administrative Penalties Act creates the framework for the new administrative resolution model and changes how Alberta penalizes impaired drivers. The new system is based on improving access to justice while ensuring Albertans have a simple, fast, fair, and efficient way to challenge their notices.

Fact Sheet: Provincial Administrative Penalties Act (PDF, 170 KB)

Online system launch

On December 1, 2020, SafeRoads Alberta launched the new online Administrative Penalty Information System (APIS). Albertans will be able to view the details on their penalties, pay their fines, request more time to pay, request a vehicle seizure review, and, request a review by SafeRoads Alberta if they wish to dispute their impaired driving administrative penalty.

Registrar’s review process

The Registrar’s review process is an administrative review that provides Albertans a fast, fair, efficient opportunity to reconsider decisions by the Registrar/Director/Railway Administrator under the Traffic Safety Act, the Railway (Alberta) Act, the Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Act, and the Highways Development and Protection Act.

Find out more about the Registrar’s reconsideration process.


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