If you witness an incident in progress, please call 310-LAND (5263) when it is safe to do so.

Help protect public land and Provincial Parks – 24/7

The Government of Alberta is committed to the conservation and protection of provincial Crown lands, including enhanced Crown land enforcement. If you see illegal activity occurring on public land or in Provincial Parks, call 310-LAND (5263).

The new number makes it easier for Albertans to report Crown land violations and public safety incidents 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, including;

  • damage to public land
  • enforcement / public safety calls in Provincial Parks and public land
  • abandoned structures and vehicles
  • serious noise complaints in Provincial Parks
  • wheels in water
  • general land-related inquiries and information requests

What to report

Damage to the environment impacts us all. Conservation Officers will want to know about these types of incidents on public land:

  • Driving a vehicle in the bed or shore of a natural water body.
  • Driving up and down a stream.
  • Not using a nearby established crossing, bridge or ford to cross a natural water body.
  • Creating tire ruts.
  • Taking their vehicle off trail in sensitive high alpine areas.
  • Blocking existing trails.
  • Clearing a new trail or access.
  • Clearing trees and other plants to create a camping spot.
  • Building or inhabiting an unauthorized structure on public provincial Crown land.
  • Leaving garbage behind.
  • Abandoning vehicles or dumping household items such as refrigerators.
  • Serious noise complaints.

Details to include when reporting

If you witness someone causing damage to public land, report the following when it is safe to do so:

  • What occurred
  • Date, time and location. Include a photo if possible
  • Vehicle make and licence plate number
  • Description of person(s) causing the damage

General land-related inquiries:

Contact 310-LAND for information about the following land-related activities (Operational hours 8:15 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday):

Leases or dispositions
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Recreational
Permits or authorizations
  • OHV/trail regulations and conditions
  • Random camping
  • Recreational access
Recreation on public land
  • OHV/trail regulations and conditions
  • Random camping
  • Recreational access


To report an incident on public land or in Provincial Parks, contact:

Hours: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Toll free: 310-LAND (5263)
Toll free: 1-833-310-5689 (outside of Alberta)

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