Registering plans of survey

Requirements for legal plans of survey on Metis Settlements.


Any Metis Settlements land interests, including plans, must be filed with the Metis Settlements Land Registry.

Filing a plan with the Alberta Land Titles Office is not sufficient for registering an interest in Metis Settlements land.

Any plan of survey registered under the Land Titles Act is of no effect unless it is filed with the Metis Settlement Land Registry.

Survey procedures

The following documents are part of the Metis Settlements Land Registry, Registrar’s rules.


Connect with the Metis Settlements Land Registrar:

Metis Settlements Land Registrar 
Phone: 780-415-0168
Fax: 780-427-3656
Email: [email protected]

Metis Settlements Land Registry
Suite 201, 10335 172 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5S 1K9


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