Cutting red tape with small business

(L-R:) Donald (Rocky) Sinclair, Shay Bachelet (for Barbara McKenzie), Associate Minister Hunter, Marlo Brausse, Mike Lovsin, and Tyler Hawryluk at the inaugural meeting of the Red Tape Reduction small business industry panel.

The panel is made up of small business owners, associations assisting small business growth, and successful Alberta-founded companies that started out as small businesses.

They will work closely with Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction Grant Hunter and provide advice as to which regulatory processes are limiting the growth of Alberta’s small businesses. The panel will also provide feedback on current efforts to cut red tape by one-third.

“Small businesses disproportionately bear the cost of unnecessary red tape. They account for two out of every three new jobs created in Alberta. If we can get out of the way of these job creators, it’ll be a significant step forward in getting Albertans back to work.”

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

“Business Link is pleased to serve on this panel and support the government in finding was to accelerate the path to success for small business across Alberta.”

Barbara McKenzie, Business Link (non-profit)

“I look forward to working with Minister Hunter and the Red Tape Reduction panel to improve the economic environment for small business owners in Alberta.” 

Marlo Brausse, owner, Barre Body Studio

This is the third industry panel to provide feedback to the associate minister of red tape reduction. The Tourism and Hospitality and the Oil and Gas industry panels began in August.

Additional panels that will be announced in the future include:

  • agriculture, agri-food, and bio-industrial
  • forestry
  • construction
  • manufacturing
  • non-profit

The launch of the small business industry panel is another positive step forward in the government’s commitment to reduce red tape and make life easier for Albertans. Government is also engaging with small groups and other industry leaders outside of the industry panels. Suggestions about where government can cut even more red tape can be submitted at

Quick facts

  • has received more than 4,000 public submissions so far.
  • The Government of Alberta has an estimated 473 acts and 1,117 regulations, roughly half of which directly or indirectly apply to private-sector business.
  • Small businesses in our province make up 98 per cent of all businesses and are responsible for 45 per cent of all private-sector employment.

Red Tape Reduction small business industry panel members

  • Tony Stolz, owner, Stolz Williams Consulting
  • Barbara McKenzie, executive director, Business Link (non-profit)
  • Mike Lovsin, president, Freson Bros.
  • Sam Woods, vice-president, Jori International
  • Marlo Brausse, owner, Barre Body Studio
  • Tyler Hawryluk, CEO, Widynowski’s Sausage
  • Rocky Sinclair, CEO, Alberta Indian Investment Corporation
  • Bill Walker, CEO, Landmark Cinemas