Become an apprentice in Alberta

Follow these steps to start your apprenticeship education program.


Before you can become an apprentice in Alberta, you need to:

  • research and choose a program
  • confirm you meet eligibility requirements for apprenticeship training
  • complete the apprenticeship application through Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)’s online service, MyTradesecrets

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Choose a program

The program you choose should reflect your interests. It’s also important to research job opportunities, both now and in the future, so you know you are making the right investment.

Look for:

Confirm your eligibility

Before you can start your path to apprenticeship, you need to know if you meet provincial eligibility requirements.

Read about who can learn a trade in Alberta, including entrance requirements for apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeship education program application and agreement

Once you choose the program you want to apprentice in, your next step is to complete the online apprenticeship application. There is a $35 fee to apply.

If you have a sponsor, you submit your information, and your sponsor will be contacted to complete their part.

Before you can submit your application, you have to agree to the obligations of an apprentice under the apprenticeship education agreement.

Start in high school

If you’re in high school, you may be able to explore a career in the trades while you are finishing your diploma. Options include:

There are also scholarships available for high school students registered in RAP and/or CTS programs.

Assess your prior learning

If you already have training or work experience related to your apprenticeship education program, you may be able to write a prior learning assessment examination. Applicants must pay a non-refundable fee before writing the exam.

The examination assesses your skill and knowledge before you start an apprenticeship program. Results are used for:

  • entry into an apprenticeship program
  • advanced standing in an apprenticeship program

Financial assistance

Apprentices work on the job, so they earn money while they learn.

Apprentices are not usually paid during the classroom instruction portions of their apprenticeship education program and may be eligible for Employment Insurance. There are also more than 900 scholarships and additional grants and loans available for apprentices attending classroom instruction.

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