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Railway crossings, whistling and rail line discontinuance

Requirements and public concerns for railway crossings, discontinuance of railway track, and train whistling requirements.

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Crossings, whistling and rail line discontinuance


Rail safety informs how the public may address safety and disturbance concerns in and around their neighbourhood. The public have certain rights that protect their well-being and have a duty to report issues at crossings or noise disturbances. In addition to public concerns, operators also need to follow proper guidance for cancelling rail lines and safety at private crossing. Management of most crossings and railways fall under federal jurisdiction.


Requirements and who to contact if you have a concern about training whistling.

Regulations for trains operating at a public grade crossing and who to contact if you have a concern about blocked crossings.

Requirements for private grade crossings on federally regulated track to meet the grade crossing regulations.

Information on operator responsibilities for railway track in Alberta.