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The Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel reviewed the legislation that guided Alberta’s response to COVID-19 and recommended changes to improve the handling of future public health emergencies for Albertans.

Experts and members of the public were invited to share their input on what amendments to legislation could better equip the province to cope with future public health emergencies.

This work will help ensure government has the best possible approach to responding to public health emergencies while minimizing unintended harms to the economy, health, mental and social well-being, and civil liberties of Albertans.


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Who is listening

Executive Council

Input received

Albertans shared their feedback through an online survey from January 12 to March 15, 2023. A summary of the survey results can be found in the panel's final report.

Panel mandate

The Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel examined:

  • whether there are ways the government should amend legislation to improve:
    • the quality and breadth of the medical advice used in responding to future public health emergencies
    • communications with the public during such emergencies
  • whether there are more effective ways to implement health protection measures in response to a public health emergency while:
    • limiting negative impacts on the health, mental and social well-being, and civil liberties of Albertans
    • avoiding negative impacts to the economy

The panel has completed their work and submitted a final report to government.

Final report

Other documents

Panel members

  • Preston Manning (Chair)
  • Martha Fulford
  • Michel Kelly-Gagnon
  • Former Justice John C. Major
  • Jack Mintz
  • Rob Tanguay



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