“There are valuable lessons we learned from the Alberta government’s response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. It’s important that we apply those lessons to strengthen our management of future public health crises, and the panel’s recommendations will be key in doing so.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

As part of its review, the panel will invite experts and the public to provide their views on how the government can better respond to future health emergencies while mitigating impacts on the social well-being, mental health, civil liberties and livelihoods of Albertans. With this feedback in mind, the panel will review relevant legislation to ascertain whether there are amendments that can assist the government to improve their response to a future public health crisis.

“It’s crucial that we take the opportunity to review the province’s COVID-19 response and examine whether and how that approach can be improved in future health emergencies. I look forward to working with my fellow panelists and hearing from Albertans about how the province can best achieve this objective.”

Preston Manning, panel chair

The panel invites Albertans and experts to provide their input online at alberta.ca/PublicHealthPanel.

Panel chair Preston Manning will make recommendations to the Premier as to the final membership of the panel in the coming months. The panel will provide its final report and recommendations to the government by Nov. 15.

Quick facts

  • In reviewing applicable legislation and governance practices, the panel will consider and balance various factors in the overall context of a public health emergency, including:

    • general public health and health information

    • mental health and wellness

    • child and student health, mental health and education

    • health professionals’ practice standards

    • effective implementation of emergency measures

    • protection of rights and freedoms

    • economic and financial effects

    • employment standards

  • The budget for the panel is $2 million.

  • Manning, as the panel chair, will be paid $253,000.

  • Other panel members will be recommended by the chair for the Premier’s final approval.