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Your experience as a student is the sum of many parts. Only one of these is in the classroom.

There are multiple student supports and resources available to Alberta’s post-secondary students.

Some are available on campus through your institution, while others can be accessed online.

In Alberta, supports and other amenities you have access to, such as student housing, are different at every learning provider. It’s important to research what your institution offers before you apply, and to know how to advocate for what you need.

On campus supports

Student services

Every adult learning provider in Alberta has a student services office, helping you access:

  • supports for learning differences
  • mental health supports
  • tutoring programs
  • study rooms

Specific supports and services are also available for:

The services your institution provides can help you navigate post-secondary life, your new campus and your studies. Contact your institution to find out what services may be available to you.

Student groups

Many students create clubs or peer support groups based on shared experiences or interest. The student services office at your institution can point you in their direction.
You could also volunteer to serve on your institution’s student council, or on one of Alberta’s student associations:

Other campus services

Depending on the size of the institution you’re attending, you may have access to:

  • health services
  • student housing
  • cafeterias
  • campus gyms
  • childcare
  • food banks

If your institution does not provide these services, they may have agreements with local businesses that provide student discounts, such as for gym memberships. Your city or town office can also help you find information about local food banks, childcare or other services you may need.

Talk to your institution’s student services office for details.

Off campus supports

Study resources

Use these resources to learn how to study more effectively:

Your well-being

Getting good grades is important while you're in school. Adopting healthy habits and knowing where to go when you're sick or your life feels out of control is even more important. has compiled a list of important numbers to access:

  • health advice
  • mental health supports
  • bullying and addiction supports
  • emergency services

Your life

Your life isn't placed on hold when you go back to school. Many students are juggling school with other responsibilities, like kids, mortgages and jobs.

Alberta Supports can connect you with services in several areas, such as:

  • disability
  • family
  • housing
  • employment support services

Reading Going Back to School: Fitting Everything In can help you learn how to find balance while you study.

Changing your mind

Program withdrawal suggestions:

  • talk to your instructor or someone else you trust at your institution like your program advisor, chair or coordinator to figure out what caused your change of heart
  • read about the experiences of other students who've changed their minds on Learning Clicks
  • if you decide to leave your program, you must contact your institution’s Office of the Registrar to submit a withdrawal request
  • if you’ve already completed some courses, check to see if they can be used as transfer credit to a different education program or institution
  • if you received student loans or grants, read up on repaying your student loan and what happens if you have a grant overpayment


Connect with the Public Awareness Branch:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-643-6393
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Fax: 780-422-1263
Email: [email protected]

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