Plan Confirmation Service

This online service enables industry stakeholders to submit application or amendment plans for public land surface dispositions.


The Plan Confirmation Service (PCS) is a secure site available to clients involved in the business of creating plans for application or amendment of surface dispositions on Public Land.

Plan packages that are approved by the system will be processed, encrypted and sent back to the submitter with a confirmation number. All surface disposition plans identified for digital submission must be submitted to the PCS website.


The PCS performs a number of functions on files submitted for validation:

  • Confirmation Number - issues confirmation # if submission is validated successfully
  • Content - checks to ensure required files are included in submission
  • Encryption - Encrypts the zipped files following validation
  • Error Notification - notifies submitter if errors exist
  • Level Checking - checks CAD file to ensure data is present on specified levels
  • Virus Checking - checks all submitted files for viruses
  • Zip - zips files to minimize file size

Getting started

Go to Plan Confirmation Service


The Plan Confirmation Service Plan Submission User Guide includes:

  • shape file standards for submission of reservation plans
  • PCS procedure changes
  • integration of DDiPS with PCS
  • document reformatting

Get a User ID

Clients will need to acquire a GoA account and password in order to access the Plan Confirmation System. For further information, see User ID for Industry Online Services.