A transcript is:

  • an official record of what happened during a trial or hearing
  • needed so that events can be reviewed

How to order

Step 1. Fill out the form

Request for Transcript (0.1 MB)

You can call Transcript Management Services to get assistance with filling in this form.

Telephone bail hearing

If you’re ordering a transcript of a telephone bail hearing, provide the:

  • time of day the hearing was held
  • prison the accused is being held in
  • time the application was made

Part of a court case

If you only need part of a court case transcribed, note its section(s) in the form’s Special Instruction area. Sections can include:

  • a specific witness’s testimony
  • final submissions
  • submissions on sentencing
  • reasons for judgment
  • a complete morning or afternoon session

Step 2. Estimate your cost

When filling out the rate and estimated total section of the form, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your rate:
    Service Rate per character
    2 working days $0.0072
    5 working days $0.0062
    10 working days $0.0052
    30 calendar days $0.0040

    Estimate how much time – in minutes or hours – that the transcript will take to prepare.

  2. Note: 1 hour of transcript preparation is approximately 45 pages.
  3. Estimate your transcript cost with either calculation:
    Total minutes x 900 (characters per minute) x rate ($) = estimate ($)
    Total hours x 54,000 (characters per hour) x rate ($) = estimate ($)

    Estimate the total cost of your transcripts (0.1 MB)
  4. Estimate and add your copy fees:
    Copy type Rate per page
    • $0.4 at time of initial order
    • $1 after delivery of initial order
    • no-charge at time of initial order
    • $0.4 after delivery of initial order

Step 3. Submit your documents

You will have to send Transcript Management Services the following documents:

  • a completed Request for Transcript form (can also be submitted to a courthouse)
  • copies of your:
    • commencing documents (ones that brought a matter to court, such as an affidavit, indictment, Statement of Claim)
    • endorsements (sheets of paper where the clerk / judge wrote down what happened each day in court)

Mail, fax or drop off your documents to a Transcript Management Services office:


Calgary Courts Centre
Suite 1901-N, 601-5th Street S.W
Calgary, Alberta T2P 5P7

Phone: 403-297-7392
Fax: 403-297-7034


Provides service for:

  • Calgary
  • Red Deer
  • all jurisdictions south of Red Deer


Sun Life Place

1000, 10123 99 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3H1

Phone: 780-427-6181
Fax: 780-422-2826

Email: tms.edmonton@gov.ab.ca

Provides service for:

  • Edmonton
  • all jurisdictions north of Red Deer

Red Deer

Red Deer Court House
4909 - 48th Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta T4N 3T5

Phone: 403-340-5235
Fax: 403-340-7986

Email: tms.regional@gov.ab.ca

Provides service for:

  • all jurisdictions not served by the other offices

Step 4. Pay for your transcript

Before Transcript Management Services prepares your transcript, you may be required to make a deposit in the full amount of its estimated cost.

Any outstanding costs must be paid in full before your transcript is released.

Rush orders and daily services may not be available in all cases.

Transcript Management Services accepts these forms of payment:

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • direct debit
  • cash
  • money order or bank draft

GST isn’t charged.

Step 5. Get your transcript

Contact the Transcript Management Services office that you ordered your transcript from to arrange for it to be:

  • picked up by you or a courier
  • emailed to you in a PDF format
  • mailed to you via Canada Post
  • faxed to you (under special circumstances)

Note: If you’re having difficulty finding information, contact the specific court location and request a search of the file.