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Bill 18 would require provincial entities to obtain prior approval from Alberta’s government before entering into, amending, extending or renewing an agreement with the federal government.
Bill 17 would establish the new Canadian Centre of Recovery Excellence as a crown corporation.
Alberta is cutting red tape to speed up regulatory processes and attract investment.
Bill 13 would centralize government oversight of public property assets.
Bill 12 would increase consumer protection through clear and consistent live lease contract guidelines.
Bill 11 would hold high-risk offenders accountable and enable the creation of an independent police agency.
Bill 10 would implement aspects of Budget 2024.
The Justice Statutes Amendment Act, 2023 (Bill 8) clarifies definitions, keeps legislation current and makes it easier for Albertans to access important services.
The Public Health Amendment Act (Bill 6) provides clarity for Albertans about who is responsible for decisions on public health orders.
The Public Sector Employers Amendment Act, 2023 (Bill 5) allows for a new, flexible governance model for public sector compensation.
The Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2023, (Bill 4) updates Alberta’s tax laws to ensure they remain clear and consistent.
The Alberta Pension Protection Act (Bill 2) protects the pensions and benefits Albertans have earned.