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Alberta will reinstate Senate nominee elections to help make senators more accountable to Albertans.
The act allows Alberta to fight harmful federal laws and defend the constitutional federal-provincial division of powers.
The Alberta Investment Attraction Act (Bill 33) outlines the creation of an investment attraction corporation to drive high impact investment to Alberta.
Transforming Alberta’s auto insurance system so it is fair and sustainable for drivers and insurers now and in the future.
The Carbon Tax Repeal Act (Bill 1) repealed the provincial carbon tax on May 30, 2019 to help put more money in the pockets of families, businesses and non-profits.
The COVID-19 Related Measures Act (Bill 70) extends COVID-19 civil liability protection to the health sector, including continuing care.
The Corrections (Alberta Parole Board) Amendment Act, 2020 (Bill 18) created the Alberta Parole Board to provide a fairer, faster, more responsive and responsible justice system.
The Municipal Government (Face Mask and Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Bylaws) Amendment Act, 2022 (Bill 4) ensures public health policy is consistent across Alberta.
The Emblems of Alberta Amendment Act, 2022 (Bill 6) recognizes ammolite as part of the province’s unique heritage by making it the 12th official emblem of Alberta.
Taking action to diversify and improve insurance availability in Alberta.
The Citizen Initiative Act (Bill 51) allows Albertans to bring important matters to government for consideration.
The Utility Commodity Rebate Act (Bill 18) enables government to provide electricity and heating energy rebate programs.

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