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Minister's Teacher Advisory Council

The Minister’s Teacher Advisory Council provides teachers a direct opportunity to discuss education topics with the Minister of Education.


The Minister's Teacher Advisory Council (MTAC) is a forum for current, certificated K-12 teachers with a broad range of experiences and diverse views from across Alberta. Council members provide the Minister of Education with insights, suggestions and perspectives on key education topics.

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The advisory council:

  • offers diverse perspectives on key education priorities and emerging topics relevant to Alberta’s education system
  • fosters open and respectful dialogue between the Minister of Education and Alberta teachers
  • continues to build healthy and strong partnerships between Alberta teachers and the government
  • enhances the government's ability to understand and serve the growth needs of schools and students in Alberta

Issues related to collective bargaining negotiations will not be discussed by the advisory council.


The advisory council consists of 40 teachers and is diverse in gender, geographical location, job functions and roles, and teaching experience to reflect Alberta schools and the communities they serve.

Each member is selected to serve one 10-month term aligned with the school year. Typically, the advisory council meets 4 times during a term. Meetings are held outside of work hours and are usually 5 to 6 hours in duration over 2 business days or a weekend.


Teachers in Alberta are able to apply online if they have attained an Alberta teaching certificate – interim or permanent


The application window for 2022/23 is closed.

2022/23 Minister's Teacher Advisory Council Members

Abigail Allegro
Ali Vos
Alisha Brignall
Andreas Berko
Andrew Spelrem
Breanne Davidson
Carmen Poitras
Coleman Miller
Danielle Jamison
Dean Nielsen
Florent Feulefack
Heather Brown
Jade Oldfield
Jayne Schadeck
Jen Pierce-Ager
Jesse Gamble
Julie Dubyna
Kelly Haldane
Ken Meraw
Kerry Welsh
Kimberley Cocks
Kristen Kaluza
Lina Dilov
Lucas Clarke
Matt Honywood
Melissa Maduro
Michael Blum
Michael Pruden
Nicole Normandeau
Owen Holloway
Paul Barsketis
Rochelle Overdevest
Samuel Chau
Serena Jackson
Shyla Locke
Tamara Locskai
Theresa Huntley


Connect with MTAC:
Email: [email protected]