Metis Settlement land interests

A Metis Settlement member is entitled to a range of rights and benefits including land ownership.

Settlement land interests

Fee simple land interest

The Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) holds the 'fee simple' interest on all Metis Settlement lands, which means they have full ownership of land with certain limited rights of the Crown.

Metis Title ownership

Metis Title is a legal ownership interest in Settlement land. The Metis Title is subject to the fee simple interest. Each parcel of land within a settlement area has a Metis Title.

The Metis Title interest is either in the name of the Settlement or, if it has been transferred, in the name of a Settlement member.

Only a settlement member or the Settlement can hold Metis Title.

A member who holds the Metis Title in a parcel can:

  • live on the parcel
  • use and make improvements to the land
  • transfer the Métis Title to another member of the Settlement or to the Settlement
  • give someone else the right to use the land
  • decide who will get their Métis Title when they die

Provisional Metis Title

Interest in land granted to a member who wants to develop an area of land in order to get a Métis Title interest. The Provisional Metis Title interest is created by the General Council Land Policy. The interest is effective for a period of 5 years and maybe renewed for a further 5 years.


An allotment is a special type of leasehold interest. It is usually granted to Settlement members to operate a farm, ranch or business. Allotment’s hold a 10-year term with the possibility of a 5-year extension

Only the Settlement or a Settlement member can hold an allotment.


A person who applies for an interest in land or a person who is affected by the granting, refusal or cancelling of an interest in land may appeal the matter to the Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal.

Related legislation

The Metis Settlements Land Registry operates under the authority of several provincial Acts and Regulations.


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