Alberta’s government is committed to reconciliation. Indigenous-led solutions that affect meaningful change will lead to a better future for all.

The agreement signed between Alberta’s government and the general council is a pledge to work together to advance the long-term sustainability of the Metis Settlements by focusing on social, economic and cultural objectives, such as creating local jobs and improving access to health care. This will help contribute to safer, healthier and more viable communities.

“Alberta is proud to be the only province with a recognized Métis land base, and I am honoured to sign this agreement affirming our dedication to the success of the Metis Settlements. I look forward to ongoing collaboration that will create economic opportunities and ensure safe and healthy Métis communities.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

“Partnerships are a key part of the journey towards reconciliation. We are fully committed to the success of the Metis Settlements, and this important agreement represents our commitment and marks a new way forward for this enduring relationship.”

Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations

Meetings between the Premier, minister of Indigenous Relations and the Metis Settlements will be held annually to work on key priorities, including economic development, health and safety. By focusing on a cross-government approach, this partnership will bring the right leaders and experts together to make meaningful progress in areas such as housing, infrastructure and increased access to government programs and services.

“I wholeheartedly support this agreement because of what it stands for and what it does for the MSGC and the Metis Settlements of Alberta going forward. It recognizes the longstanding relationship we have with the Alberta government. The relationship encompasses the better part of a century between our people and government, and we look forward to expanding that relationship even further.”

Dave Lamouche, president, Metis Settlements General Council

Agreement to support safety and security

In addition to the protocol agreement, a statement of intent on enhanced community policing was also signed by the minister for Public Safety and Emergency Services and the Metis Settlement chairs. Budget 2023 provides $6 million to help support the Settlements, including $2 million to continue ensuring dedicated policing in these communities.

“This agreement is Alberta’s commitment to safe and secure communities within Metis Settlements. The provincial government is committed to working with our Indigenous partners to ensure they feel protected and safe in their communities.”

Mike Ellis, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services

Budget 2023 also includes $1 million to the Settlements for consultation capacity funding, $1 million to the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) to support its operational costs and $2 million per year in targeted Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) support for community-owned business projects on the Settlements.

Quick facts

  • Alberta is home to more than 127,000 Métis people.

  • Alberta is the only province with a recognized Métis land base.

    • Approximately 5,630 people live on the eight Metis Settlements, which cover an area of 1.25 million acres.

  • The Settlements are recognized as Métis governments through the Metis Settlements Act, 1990.

  • The Metis Settlements and Alberta’s government have had an official relationship dating back to the Métis Population Betterment Act, 1938.

  • The Alberta-Metis Settlements Accord, 1989, and subsequent legislation established the foundation for Settlement members to secure their own land base, preserve and enhance Métis culture and identity, gain local autonomy and achieve economic self-sufficiency.