• Provincial Offences Procedure Act
    • Procedures Regulation
  • Traffic Safety Act
    • Access to Motor Vehicle Information Regulation
    • Alberta Transportation Safety Board Appeal Fees Regulation
    • Bill of Lading and Conditions of Carriage Regulation
    • Commercial Vehicle Certificate and Insurance Regulation
    • Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation
    • Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation
    • Demerit Point Program and Service of Documents Regulation
    • Driver Training Regulation
    • Drivers' Hours of Service Regulation
    • Off-highway Vehicle Regulation
    • Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation
      Special vehicle zone maps:
    • Service Restriction Regulation
    • Traffic Control Device Regulation
    • Use Of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation
    • Vehicle Equipment Regulation
    • Vehicle Inspection Regulation
    • Vehicle Seizure and Removal Regulation

For cargo securement standards, see NSC Cargo Securement Standard.

For more information, read the Traffic Safety Amendment Act fact sheet.

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As a commercial truck or bus carrier, you may occasionally require advice when establishing or modifying safety and maintenance programs to ensure compliance with Alberta transport regulations or with the National Safety Code. For assistance, contact the sources of information below.

Truck associations

Bus associations

Industry associations

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