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Alberta-Saskatchewan border requirements

Certain requirements and exemptions for Alberta-based carriers operating near the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.


By policy, Alberta-based carriers with a ‘provincial’ operating status are considered to be operating within the authority of their Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) when they are:

  • within the city limits of Lloydminster on either side of the Alberta or Saskatchewan border
  • on Highway 17, provided the trip starts and ends in Alberta and no services are received or provided in Saskatchewan

Note: Services received or provided include:

  • fuel
  • accommodation
  • vehicle loading or unloading
  • meals
  • vehicle repair or maintenance
  • other work activities

However, services do not include any such service received or provided wholly within the city limits of Lloydminster.

Alberta-based provincial carriers must follow the Alberta Drivers' Hours of Service Regulation. Carriers found to be operating contrary to this policy are subject to prosecution, administrative penalties, having their vehicle detained at roadside and/or having their operating status changed to ‘federal’.

Carriers operating outside of this policy exemption must follow the federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations and obtain a ‘federal’ operating status on their SFC.

No permit option is available to allow an Alberta-based ‘provincial’ carrier to operate outside of Alberta at any time other than that specified in this document.

Licence permit exemption

The Alberta Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation specifies that an Alberta-based carrier may operate a commercial vehicle at any time within an area no more than 17 kilometres from the Alberta-Saskatchewan border without obtaining a vehicle licence permit from Saskatchewan as long as the vehicle is properly registered and insured in Alberta.

This is a vehicle licensing exemption and does not affect a carrier's requirement to obtain an SFC with a ‘federal’ operating status.