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Land survey products

The Director of Surveys office provides a variety of products for use in land surveying.


Several non-digital land survey-related products are available to the public. The products are distributed by the Director of Surveys office and include elevation diagrams and wellsite control traverse plans.

Elevation diagrams

A complete set of the Alberta Township System (ATS) plans and elevation diagrams are available as digital Group 4 TIFF files (tag image file format).

Included with the digital plans is a file listing and description of the contents of the digital set:


Elevation diagrams are free and distributed electronically.

Field notes

Reproductions of most original surveyors’ field notes for the Alberta Township Survey are available on microfiche.

Field notes can be accessed through Alberta Government Services Spatial Information System (SPIN).

Background on how field notes, scanned and stored, and for learning how to use them, see the Help File Field Book Image Database.

The original field-note documents are the property of the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Contact the Archives to access the original documents.


Field-note copies are available for free in SPIN.

Historical and current plans

Electronic and paper copy reproductions from microfiche for all early editions of township plans are available.

  • Copies are found at SPIN.

Learn more about the background of the database and how to use it with the User Guide for Official Plans Database.

The original township plans are property of the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Contact them to access original documents.


Fees for each township plan accessed through SPIN are:

  • digital copy, per township, $2 plus GST
  • hard copy, per township, $3 plus GST

Wellsite control traverse plans

TIFF files of wellsite control traverse plans in areas of unsurveyed territory are available. The plans show bearings, distances and monuments.


Wellsite Traverse Data plans are free and available for download.


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