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Director of Surveys

The Director of Surveys is a land surveyor designated by the Minister of Alberta Environment and Protected Areas to administer the Surveys Act.


Under the Surveys Act, the Director of Surveys coordinates the establishment, maintenance and preservation of the provincial land survey system and also provides and maintains the provincial spatial referencing system. This system is a coordinate-based system used to locate geographical entities.

Tools and resources

Supporting programs

The Director of Surveys uses two programs to help administer the Surveys Act. They are the Land Surveys and Geodetic Control units. Both of these groups offer products and services related to surveying in Alberta. They also provide important policy updates.

Important documents

Alberta land surveyors and staff can find helpful information at:

Helpful websites

The Director of Surveys also uses the following websites (This is not an endorsement of these sites):

Water boundaries

For information on changes in natural boundaries and the Crown’s ownership assessment of the bed and shore of water bodies see: Water Boundaries.