About Public Lands

Lands Administrative Procedures

Alberta's Oil and Gas Pipeline Regulation - At a Glance

  • AEP, Administration, 2016, No. 4

Assignments Issued under Part 4 of the Public Lands Administration Regulation

  • AEP, Land Policy 2015, No. 1

Transfer of Tax Recovery Lands to Municipalities

Lands Directives

Exploration Directives

ED2006-01 Development of Exploration Directives

ED2006-02 Restricted Exploration Areas

ED2006-03 Review of Program Approvals and Conditions

ED2006-04 Release of Program Information

ED2006-05 Application for License or Permit

ED2006-06 Application for Exploration Approval

ED2006-07 Geophysical Temporary Field Authorization

ED2006-08 Extension to an Exploration Approval

ED2006-09 Final Plan Submission

ED2006-10 Commencement and Completion Notification

ED2006-11 Notice to Relevant Land Authorities and Holders of Forest Management Agreements (FMA) and Timber Licences

ED2006-12 Change in Designated Program Permittee

ED2006-13 Operation of Exploration Equipment

ED2006-14 Authorization for Testing and Use of Products in Exploration

ED2006-15 Distance Requirements

ED2006-17 Flowing Holes and Encountering Gas

ED2006-18 Charges in Shot Holes and Depth of Shot & Test Holes That Exceed Maximum Levels

ED2006-19 Temporary Abandonment of Shot Holes and Test Holes

ED2006-20 Permanent Abandonment of Shot Holes and Test Holes

ED2006-21 Clearing of Vegetation on Road Allowances

ED2006-22 Cleanup of Debris, Refuse and Other Material

ED2006-24 Request For Transfer of Licence

ED2006-25 Cancellation Licence or Permit

ED2006-26 Letter of Clearance

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

External Directives

Above Ground Pipeline Wildlife Crossing Directive

  • ESRD Public Land Management 2014 – No. 7

Clearing Well Sites on Public Land

  • ID2005-01

Closing Roads Under Licence by Order Directive - PLAR

  • AEP, Land Policy, 2015, No. 4

Commercial Work Camps Directive – PLAR

  • ESRD Public Land Management 2014 – No. 5

Heritage Rangelands Operational Management Directive – PLAR

  • AEP Public Land Management 2015 – No. 1

Minimum Patron Number on Provincial Grazing Reserves

  • SD2011-04

Pipeline Agreements for Water Body Crossings on White Area Public Land

  • ID2000-01

Procedural Guidelines for Issuing Dispositions for the Purpose of Recreational Trails

  • AEP Public Land Management 2018, No. 5

Restrictions or Prohibitions on entry into Public Land Use Zones by Order – PLAR

  • AEP, Public Land Management, 2016, No. 8

Routine Disclosure of Information Required to Obtain Reclamation Certificates for Upstream Oil & Gas Holdings

  • ID2007-02

Slope and Break Setback Guidelines

  • ID2002-01

Tenure for Stewardship – Interim Strategy

  • Public Land Management, 2015, No. 3

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Lands Guides

Access to Information and Routine Disclosure – Part 7 of PLAR

  • AEP, Public Land Management, 2015, No.3

Administrative Approvals: Transfers – Part 5 of the PLA and Part 4 of PLAR

Guide for Subleasing Miscellaneous, Pipeline Installation and Surface Material Leases
Using section 146 (4) of the Public Lands Administration Regulation (PLAR)

The Application for Sublease of Disposition Form is available under the Commercial, Industrial & Personal collapsible section at:

  • AEP, Public Land Management, 2017, No. 2

Oil Transloading Facilities Acceptable Industry Practices

  • AEP, Administration, 2017, No.3

Review Process for Commercial Recreational Tourism Use on Public Land

  • AEP, Public Land Management, 2016, No.1

Lands Information Letters


Berland Smoky Integrated Planning Area – Direction for Access Development

The above record includes the following maps:

  • Berland Smoky Network Plan: Priority Areas for Caribou Habitat Restoration
  • Berland Smoky Network Plan: Priority Areas for Restoration of Fish Population and Habitats
  • IL 2013-01

Compliance Enforcement Approach for Conservation and Reclamation of Oil and Gas Activities

  • C&R IL 98-1

Conducting Exploration Programs - Municipalities

  • IL 2001-01

Confidentiality of Geophysical Information

  • IL 2004-09

Conventional Oil and Gas Wellsite Reclamation

  • C&R IL 93-1

Crown Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights

  • C&R IL 98-3, Changes to Identification of Major Surface Concerns on Private Land

Drivable Wood Fibre Surfaces

  • IL 2008-06


FAQs on Conducting Phase 1 ESAs and Changes to the Phase 1 ESA Form

  • D&R IL 02-1

Flowing Holes and Step-Up / Step-Down Drilling

  • IL 2004-05

Geophysical Commencement and Completion Notifications to Sustainable Resource Development

  • IL 2004-02

Geophysical Timber Damage Assessment Calculation

  • IL 2010-01

Guidance for Use of Phase 1 ESA Guideline for Upstream Oil and Gas Sites

  • D&R IL 01-1

Horse Holding Dispositions

  • IL 2010-03


Kakwa Copton Industrial Access Management Area

  • IL 2008-02

Liability for Contamination on Upstream Oil and Gas Sites

  • C&R IL 01-8


More Questions on the Wellsite Reclamation Criteria

  • C&R IL 96-2

Oil Sands & Coal Exploration Standard Operating Procedure

  • IL 2010-01: Application Processing for Oil Sands Exploration and Coal Exploration Programs Standard Operating Procedure

Oil Sands Mining End Land Use Committee Report and Recommendations

  • C&R IL 98-5

Pipeline Reclamation Certificate Applications

  • C&R IL 01-12

Pre-Construction Assessment Report for Wellsites

  • C&R IL 00-8

Pre-Construction Wildlife Surveys: Restricted Activity Agricultural Dispositions

  • IL 2011-02: Pre-Construction Wildlife Surveys and Restricted Activity Periods for Agricultural Disposition Improvements (Prairies/Grasslands Natural Region)

Public Complaint Process for Oil and Gas Environmental Concerns

  • C&R IL 00-9


Public Land Use: Non-Commercial Personal Residential & Recreational Structures

  • IL 2008-02

Regulatory Responsibility for Interprovincial and International Pipelines

  • C&R IL 01-1

Requirement Landowner Consent: Collected Surface Run-On/Runoff Waters

  • IL 2003-02: EUB Guide 55 and Requirement for Landowner Consent to Pump Collected Surface Run-on/Runoff Waters

Roadway Development – Public Lands Act

  • Roadway Development Administered under the Public Lands Act

Sale of Public Land to Municipalities

  • IL 2011-01: Sale of Public Land to Municipalities for Works (As Specified)

Sale of Public Land Under Disposition

  • IL 2010-03

Seismic Line Movement on Private Land

  • IL 2008-01

Shot Hole Plugging in Exploration Restricted Areas

  • IL 2012-01

Shot Hole Plugging on Surveyed Road Allowance

  • IL 2004-03

Temporary Field Authorization Guidelines (TFA)

  • IL 2011-04

Trapper Access to Grazing Leases

  • IL 2011-03

Trapper Notification

  • IL 2004-04


Upstream Oil & Gas Cancellation: Undisturbed Sites - Public Land

  • IL 2008-02

Water Act: Temporary Water Diversion

  • IL 2013-01