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  • We are currently reviewing Public Lands Act Pre-consultation Assessment Requests received on August 23, 2022.
  • We are currently reviewing Public Lands Act Adequacy Assessments that were due for review on August 28, 2022.

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Indigenous consultation guide

The Government of Alberta's First Nations and Metis Settlement and Credibly Asserted Métis Communities Consultation Guide is intended to help Indigenous communities to understand Alberta’s consultation and regulatory processes, the ACO’s relationship with Crown decision-makers and Alberta Energy Regulator, and to participate effectively in Alberta’s consultation process.

The guide provides information about Alberta’s consultation and regulatory processes that is specific to the needs of Indigenous communities and explains the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the consultation process.

Fort McKay Metis Community Credible Assertion

Effective March 26, 2020, the Fort McKay Metis Community (FMMC) will be consulted under The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with Metis Settlements on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2015 (the Policy) when Crown decisions have the potential to impact their member’s credibly asserted Métis Aboriginal harvesting rights, as defined in this policy.

For the purposes of consulting with FMMC, 'harvesting and traditional use activities' has the same meaning as that set out in the Policy. For clarification of expectations and procedures when engaged in the consultation process, proponents should review The Government of Alberta’s Guidelines on Consultation with Metis Settlements on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2016. In addition, Proponents must follow the requirements and procedures in accordance with The Government of Alberta's Proponent Guide to First Nations and Metis Settlements Consultation Procedures, 2019.

At any one time, the Government of Alberta may have an established practice of consulting some Metis communities, as represented by Metis organizations that are not Metis Settlements. Such consultation occurs operationally under the Government of Alberta’s Metis Settlements consultation policy and associated guidelines.

If you have any questions call the Consultation Advisor associated with your project area.

Mailing list subscription

To sign-up for news updates from the Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO), fill out the form.

Updates will be sent to the email address that you provide when there are changes to the department’s work such as:

  • consultation timeline pauses due to statutory holidays or  natural disasters
  • revised proponent guides and documents
  • revisions to geographical consultation areas
  • information not sent in a regular newsletter

Interested parties from Indigenous communities, industry and the public are welcome to subscribe.

ACO Bulletin

The ACO Bulletin is published 4 times a year to ensure up-to-date and appropriate department information is shared with First Nations, Metis settlements, industry groups and the public about government’s consultation role and operating processes.

Comments and feedback can be sent to the Manager of Process Enhancement and Strategic Relations.

Recent actions

Since summer 2016, ministry staff has been engaging with First Nations, Metis Settlements, industry, and municipal stakeholders to hear their unique perspectives on Alberta’s Indigenous consultation processes.

Indigenous Relations is currently accepting, reviewing and analyzing ongoing input from First Nations, Metis Settlements, industry and municipal stakeholders through written submissions.

Indigenous knowledge

The ministry is developing an Indigenous Knowledge Policy to help guide how government and Alberta Energy Regulator staff can respectfully consider and include Indigenous knowledge in land and natural resource planning and decision-making.

Government is receiving guidance throughout the policy development process from Indigenous Elders and knowledge-keepers.


Connect with the Aboriginal Consultation Office, contact the office near you:

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