Alberta Health Services review

A review of Alberta Health Services (AHS) was conducted in 2019 to help find ways to improve the health system and access to services for Albertans.

Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Health
Completed: 2020


Independent contractor Ernst and Young (EY) completed the first comprehensive review of Alberta Health Services (AHS) since it was formed 10 years ago to identify ways AHS can reduce costs and improve performance by:

  • examining AHS management structure, organization and administration
  • evaluating AHS programs, services and policies
  • comparing AHS to other province's health systems and best practices
  • gathering input from employees, physicians and the public

AHS is the province’s health authority, responsible for delivering the majority of Alberta’s health services, including acute care, continuing care, public health, and community services.

The public, AHS staff, physicians and other health experts were consulted as part of the review process.


The submission period of the review closed October 7, 2019. Engagement activities included:

  • 32,500 AHS staff and physician survey responses
  • 1,000 emails from Albertans
  • More than 75 health system stakeholder engagement sessions
  • 5 zone based operational leader sessions


The Alberta Health Services performance review: summary report was released on February 3, 2020. It contained 57 recommendations and 72 savings opportunities to improve the quality and long-term sustainability of health services.

The government has accepted the report, with two important exceptions: there will be no hospital closures or urban trauma centre consolidations.

AHS has submitted its long-term implementation to the Minister of Health. The long-term plan was released on October 13, 2020 as well as the initiatives that government has directed AHS to implement. Learn more about government's plan to improve healthcare.