Modernizing Alberta's Primary Health Care System (MAPS) Engagement

Identifying immediate and long-term improvements to strengthen Alberta’s primary health care system.

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Modernizing Alberta's Primary Health Care System


The Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Health Care System initiative was established to strengthen primary health care in Alberta and ensure all Albertans have access to timely, appropriate primary health care services.

Primary health care is the first point of contact Albertans have with the health system, and includes health professionals such as family doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.

This work engaged Alberta primary health care leaders, along with national and global experts, to identify immediate and long-term improvements that can build on the many primary health care successes in Alberta.


Advisory panels' work on the modernization of Alberta's primary health care system is complete. Read the final reports 

Who is listening

Ministry of Health

Final reports

The advisory panels have finished their work and submitted their reports with recommendations to modernize Alberta's primary health care system, helping to ensure all Albertans have access to timely, appropriate primary health care services.

Strategic Advisory Panel

The Strategic Advisory Panel final report contains 11 recommendations to refocus the system around primary health care with an emphasis on:

  • access to team-based care
  • integration between primary health care and community care
  • a foundation of a coordinated and accountable primary health care system

Indigenous Advisory Panel

The Indigenous Advisory Panel final report contains 22 recommendations under 5 themes:

  • improve health equity for Indigenous Peoples
  • address Indigenous racism in health care
  • build culturally safer primary health care and an Indigenous workforce
  • create system innovation and support community capacity
  • Indigenous ownership, stewardship, design and delivery of health care services

About the panels

Learn more about the panels' work:

Following recommendations from the panels, historical funding commitments were made in February 2023 that included early investments to strengthen the primary health care system:

Opportunities for early investments were informed by extensive engagement activities, including innovation forums.

Innovation forum participants included panel members, stakeholders and people involved in primary health care. Participants discussed solutions to current barriers and explored international and national innovations.