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If you are in immediate danger, call 911

For protection

If you have been assaulted or you are in a family violence situation, contact your local police or RCMP detachment.

An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is granted when:

  • violent or threatening behaviour occurs between family members
  • there is evidence that immediate protection is necessary
  • family violence will resume or continue

The police can apply for an Emergency Protection Order to provide you with immediate protection.

An Emergency Protection Order:

  • is granted by the court and enforced by the police
  • can prevent a family member from contacting you and other family members
  • can stop a family member from coming to your home, school, work or other places
  • is only granted in situations of family violence; all other situations require a restraining order

You should have no contact with that family member while the protection order is in place.

How to apply

There are 2 ways to apply: