Freedom to care

Alberta non-profits and their volunteers can now be more responsive to the needs of their communities.

Empowering non-profits

The Freedom to Care Act and its associated Alberta government programming aim to remove barriers for the province’s non-profits and support their key role in the delivery of important programs and services. At its heart, the Act empowers non-profits and their volunteers by providing them with more support to address their communities’ needs by:

  • making it easier for non-profits to navigate exemptions to their organizations within the government’s regulatory environment
  • providing individual volunteers with liability protections
Find existing regulatory exemptions for your non-profit, or apply for new ones.
Ensure your volunteers have liability protection and a defined set of responsibilities for their roles.

Featured webinar

In this 1-hr video, find out about the legislation, its purpose and components, regulatory exemptions and volunteer liability protections.


Send us your questions about the Freedom to Care Act, existing and new exemptions, and managing your volunteers.

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