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Forest resources form the basis of the economy for many of Alberta's rural and Indigenous communities and play an important role in the diversification of the provincial economy. An estimated $6.5 billion has been invested in forest product manufacturing operations in the past decade.

Alberta's forest industry directly employs 19,600 people and supports an estimated 24,700 jobs in other industries. Industry revenues recently approached $12 billion and spending – which is primarily focused in the regions where forest industry activity takes place – totaled $9 billion.

Buyers from the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the European Union and other export markets purchased over $5.7 billion of Alberta forest products in 2022. Alberta's stringent environmental standards and sustainable forest management systems highlight why buyers around the world consistently choose our products.

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The government has created the Forest Jobs Action Plan: A commitment to sustainable, long-term fibre access for forest companies.