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Flood study engagements

We gathered feedback on draft reports and flood maps to help support local emergency response.


We gathered feedback from Albertans on draft reports and flood maps used to support emergency responses and make our communities safer.

Many communities in Alberta have flood maps that are more than 2 decades old, while other communities do not have flood maps at all. New flood maps show areas affected for at least 13 different flood scenarios and are built using the latest data and models. This information provides a better assessment of areas at risk of flooding.

Flood maps identify where water will flow during a flood, and what land could be flooded for different sized floods. Most flood maps focus on floods caused by high river flows but some also show areas at risk from ice jam floods.

This project is the largest undertaking of flood mapping in Alberta’s history. It covers over 1,500 kilometres of river and more than 60 municipalities and First Nations across Alberta.


We are reviewing feedback on 20 flood study engagements.

Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Parks

Active engagements

Albertans provided feedback on draft reports and flood maps to help improve public safety. There are no active engagements at this time.

Engagements under review

We are currently reviewing feedback for the following engagements:

Last updated: January 15, 2021