Sangudo flood study engagement

Albertans provided input on draft reports and flood maps from our Sangudo flood study.


We gathered feedback from Albertans on draft reports and flood maps from the Sangudo flood study.

We welcome all feedback on the Sangudo flood study, but are particularly interested in feedback on the draft flood inundation maps, which show areas at risk for different sized floods to help with emergency response, and the draft flood hazard maps, which define floodway and flood fringe areas to help with long term planning.

Public engagement is part of our standard flood study finalization process after local authorities, such as towns, cities, counties, municipal districts and Indigenous communities, have had an opportunity to review the draft reports and flood maps.


  • Open

    Survey was open December 4 to February 12, 2024

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas

Input received

Albertans shared feedback on draft reports and flood maps through an online survey between December 4, 2023 and February 12, 2024.

Next steps

We will carefully consider all submitted feedback. Due to the potential volume of submissions we likely will not be able to respond to your feedback directly.

Future study update notices will be provided through the Flood Hazard Identification Program. This will include more information about the study status and where we are in the finalization process.