Firearms safety training and instructors

Canadian Firearms Safety Course and where to find a certified instructor.

  • Federal buyback program clarification – December 15, 2022

    The ACFO has received a large number of questions around the recent announcement, on December 15, 2022, pertaining to the federal buy back program. Please note the following:

    It is not legal to use the 2020 OIC prohibited firearms – nor has it been – since May 1, 2020. The protocol relates to being in possession of prohibited firearms after the Amnesty expires on October 30, 2023.

  • Firearms sales and transfers – October 21, 2022

    As of October 21, 2022, individuals and businesses will no longer be able to submit applications to transfer handguns through the Program’s Contact Centre or Business Web Services (BWS), when the buyer is an individual, unless the buyer belongs to one of the identified exempt groups. The Canadian Firearms Program continues to provide firearms owners with the information they need through the RCMP website. Specific details pertaining to handgun regulations can be found at the RCMP website – Recent changes in handgun regulations.

    This regulatory provision does not apply in respect of any application for the transfer of a handgun that was submitted before the entry into force of this regulatory amendment”, for example, that was submitted by midnight on the day before the new regulations entered into force which was October 21, 2022.

    For further comments, concerns or questions regarding the new policy, please contact Public Safety Canada:

Safety courses

In Alberta, the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association (AHEIA) provides 2 firearms safety courses. Alberta’s Chief Firearms Office oversees the courses:


Canadian Firearms Safety Course is an introductory course for anyone (including minors) who wishes to own non-restricted firearms


Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course is an introductory course for anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to own restricted firearms

Course topics include:

  • the evolution of firearms
  • basic firearms safety practices
  • safe handling and carry procedures

Applicants, including minors, must pass a Canadian Firearms Safety Course to be able to possess firearms.

Find an instructor

Only trust instructors certified by AHIEA. AHIEA certifies all instructors in Alberta:

If your instructor's name is not on theses lists, contact AHEIA immediately. Do not take their training or provide money or personal information to the individual.

Become an instructor

For more information about becoming an instructor, contact AHEIA.

Student feedback

All instructors must meet and maintain service standards. To provide feedback about your training experience, contact Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer. This helps us monitor and improve firearms safety training.