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With bustling cities, small towns and land that ranges from mountains to prairies and prehistoric badlands – Alberta is always camera ready.


Alberta is 882,000 square kilometres of film-friendly, eye-catching, camera-loving space ready to play its part in your story. The province is home to world-class post facilities, standing sets, backlots and soundstages.

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  • Urban

    Alberta’s urban centres are packed with potential settings. From gritty streetscapes and unique architecture to quaint neighbourhoods and historic locations, Alberta can depict a range of eras from the 1700s to the ‘60s and beyond.

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  • Rural

    Dusty western trails, farms, ranches and small town charms, Alberta’s rich history as an agricultural hub means the province is filled with an intrepid personality and pioneering spirit.

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  • Natural

    Lush boreal forest, golden prairies, majestic mountains, rolling foothills, rugged plains and arid badlands – Alberta’s wild biomes are all a few hours drive from its 2 major cities.

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  • Backlots

    From frontier forts and western towns to modern-day small town America, Alberta’s purpose-built backlots are ready for you to roll crew in and roll cameras.

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Project creators are always looking for unique settings to tell their stories. If you have a property or picturesque location you think deserves to be on screen, you can list it in the Locations Library for free. All you need is a few minutes and some good photos and who knows what movie magic might be made in your space!

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Studios and soundstages

Alberta’s production facilities are growing rapidly to meet the demand of the film and TV industry across North America. From smaller boutique studios to massive soundstages ready to host a tent-pole production, Alberta is home to a number of new and well-established, state-of-the-art production facilities.

  • Calgary Film Centre

    Just 15 minutes from downtown, the new Calgary Film Centre is an 85,000 square foot facility built to help creators bring their vision to life. It features 50,000 square feet of soundstages, 3 multipurpose workshops and warehouse spaces, and William F. White International – one of the world’s premier production equipment rental firms.

    Calgary Film Centre

  • Dept.9 Studios

    Located in Edmonton, Dept. 9 Studios is a 26,000 square-foot boutique production facility supporting film, TV, web series, commercials and multimedia production. The facility features:

    • 2 soundstages with connected production offices
    • make-up, wardrobe and props departments
    • a music recording studio
    • audio and video post suites
    • digital media labs for game and app developers

    Dept. 9 Studios

  • Film Alberta Studios

    Located in the city of Edmonton, Film Alberta Studios is well-equipped to accommodate feature films, television series and specials, commercials and music video productions of any size. The facility’s soundstage is 15,000 square feet with a 36-foot open span. The complex is complete with furnished production offices, dressing rooms, and ample space for carpentry and paint shops.

    Film Alberta Studios

  • Fortress Studio and Fortress+ Support

    Fortress sits on close to 12 acres in Calgary and boasts:

    • a large outdoor green space
    • over 95,000 square feet of soundstage
    • drive-through loading
    • ample parking
    • 2 make-up air systems with 100,000 CFM capacity each

    A short drive away, Fortress+ Support offers an additional 69,999 square feet of support space and almost 20,000 square feet with over 30 private offices, 2 large boardrooms, open work spaces and a full kitchen.

    Fortress Studio

  • Rocky Mountain Film Studio

    This independent studio in Calgary supports film and TV productions with 2 state-of-the-art locations with close to 80,000 square feet of soundstage. Rocky Mountain Film Studio also has over 140,000 square feet of support space including:

    • furnished offices
    • wardrobe department
    • workshop
    • mill and paint departments
    • 15 acres of land for backlot

    Rocky Mountain Film Studio

Tailored locations packages

Alberta is a big province filled with an astonishing array of locations. Using your script, we’ll do the legwork and create a detailed package with everything you need to see your vision in Alberta.

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Location permits

If you have questions about location permits, contact the Alberta Film Commission for help.

Fort Macleod is always a great place to film. It has a great vibe to it. It has a great look to it. Has a period feel to it.

Edsel Hilchie
Let Him Go location manager

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