Who we are

Alberta is a special place with an independent spirit and a long history of turning something that appears average into something amazing. We understand the power of dreams and cultivate what creative dreamers need to touch hearts and expand minds.

The commission operates under Alberta’s Ministry of Arts, Culture and Status of Women and supports the Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Trade.

What we do

From big-budget, award-winning feature films, broadcast TV, streaming series, documentaries and everything in between – name it and we have helped get it done.

The Alberta Film Commission provides customized scouting packages and services to clients exploring the advantages of creating in Alberta.

We are passionate about helping you achieve your vision for your project, and can help you find:

How we can help

Starting a project

Whether it is a small art-house film, TV series, or a feature film, we start every project the same way – by talking with you to understand exactly how we can help you get it in the can and on the screen.

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Finding the perfect location

Alberta is vast and the possibilities for places to tell your story are endless. We can help you explore all the possibilities by creating a locations package that is tailored to your project.

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Support for your shoot

Once you have boots on the ground, we are here to help you find everything you need to make sure you get the most out of every production day and every production dollar – from equipment and studio rentals, to crew and catering. We’ll even recommend things you can do on your day off, from great restaurants and nightlife, to unparalleled natural adventures.

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Man standing next to a woman sitting on a rock in a scene from Let Him Go
Let Him Go courtesy Focus Features

I really like the area. I like the great plains and these rivers, these grasslands and these vistas… I came here primarily because Calgary and this area have always treated me really well.

Kevin Costner
Let Him Go

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If you are wondering if Alberta is right for your next project, give us a call or send us a message.

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