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No matter what your budget, you will get more for your production dollar in Alberta with hard-working incentive programs that will help you finish with a balanced bottom line.

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Alberta programs

  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Film and Video Projects

    This fund provides artists up to $15,000 for the development of film and video arts projects that include, but are not limited to:

    • short and feature-length narrative films
    • experimental short films
    • documentaries
    • animated films
    • videos

    Albertans can also receive funding to support artistic activities in art production, marketing, research, and training and career development.

    Find out more: Alberta Foundation for the Arts

  • Alberta Media Fund

    This multi-faceted fund is made up of grants that cover the cost of different phases of film production. The fund and its grants support the growth and sustainability of Alberta’s film industry. By supporting Alberta-made productions, these grants provide employment opportunities for both emerging talent and established industry professionals.

    Find out more: Alberta Media Fund

    • Alberta Made Production Grant
      This grant was developed to help small-budget productions manage immediate cash flow needs by providing an interim payment of 25% of eligible production costs to a maximum of $125,000 per project.
    • Post-Production Grant
      This grant covers up to 18% of the cost for post-production including visual effects and digital animation. Producers can apply for this grant multiple times to a maximum of $200,000 per year.
    • Alberta Project Script Development Grant
      This grass roots grant helps project creators get their dreams off the ground by providing up to $55,000 to help cover the cost of developing a script.
  • Film and Television Tax Credit (FTTC)

    Alberta’s Film and Television Tax Credit offers refundable tax credits up to 30% on production and labour costs for film, television, and other screen-based projects with a minimum total production budget of $500,000. Applications for this credit are accepted year-round.

    Find out more: Film and Television Tax Credit

Federal programs

  • Canada Media Fund

    Through its many programs, this fund supports the creation of successful, innovative Canadian content and software for current and emerging digital platforms.

    Find out more: Canada Media Fund

  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

    Canadian film and video producers can apply for a tax credit of 25% on their labour expenses.

    Find out more: Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

  • Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit

    Both foreign and Canadian producers can apply for a tax credit of 16% on their Canadian labour expenses.

    Find out more: Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit

  • National Film Board (NFB) Filmmaker Assistance Program

    The NFB produces and distributes documentaries, animations, and short dramas. NFB’s Filmmaker Assistance Program (FAP) helps developing independent filmmakers complete their projects by providing technical services and support up to $5,000.

    Find out more: National Film Board

  • Telefilm Canada

    Telefilm Canada supports all stages of a feature film, from development to production and post-production, to marketing to audiences both at home and abroad.

    Find out more:

Other programs, funds and grants

  • ATB Financial – Film Financing Program

    Alberta’s financial institution supports Alberta film producers with interim financing to cover the cost of equipment, locations, cast and crew before cameras start rolling.

    Find out more: ATB Financial – Film Financing Program

  • Bell Fund

    This program supports Canadian media content makers in creating for, and connecting with, audiences across Canada and around the world.

    • Short-Form Digital Series
      This fund supports the production of original, digital video series for online distribution. Series must have at least 6 episodes with a maximum length of 15 minutes. Program content can be fictional or non-fictional (documentary and lifestyle).

      Find out more: Bell Fund – Short-Form Digital Series
    • Slate Development
      This fund offers financial support independent producers need for to plan and develop original intellectual property and increase the number and variety of projects, platforms and media.

      Find out more: Bell Fund – Slate Development
  • Corus Media – Hot Docs Funds

    With $13 million worth of production funds, Hot Docs provides documentary makers with grants for development, production and completion of their projects.

    Find out more: Hot Docs

  • Edmonton Screen Media Fund

    Funding and support is available to TV and interactive digital media productions in the Metro Edmonton area through the Edmonton Screen Industries office.

    Find out more: Edmonton Screen Media Fund (ESMF)

  • Independent Production Fund

    This fund provides financial support for the development of prime-time dramatic television series and children’s series, and dramatic short-form series created for digital platforms.

    Find out more: Independent Production Fund

    • Cogeco TV Production Program
      This program provides loans to Canadian independent producers for the development of dramatic television series, or mini-series intended for prime-time broadcast.

      Find out more: IPF – Cogeco TV Production Program
    • Short Form Series Production Program
      This program helps independent producers and creators finance the production of original story-driven drama series created for viewing on the internet.

      Find out more: IPF – Short Form Series Production Program
  • Shaw Rocket Fund

    This program offers equity investment in Canadian content for kids and currently supports over 1,000 projects.

    Find out more: Shaw Rocket Fund

  • The Rogers Group of Funds

    Three different funds are available to producers of Canadian documentaries, cable network programming, and productions looking for interim financing.

    Find out more: The Rogers Group of Funds

In a nod to financial reality over geographical accuracy, the series was filmed in Alberta, Canada.

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