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Accepting applications: April 3, 2023


The Farm Technology Program supports the adoption of innovative technology that minimizes agricultural waste, optimizes farm efficiency, and encourages the adoption of best management practices in farm security. The program will enable primary producers to better anticipate and manage risks, while reducing environmental impacts and protecting their farm.

Innovative data systems are transforming modern agriculture and technology and connectivity are advancing risk management, optimizing efficiencies and securing property. As farms progress from sensors that collect digital information through software that processes vast amounts of data to automated tasks, producers save time and money and gain a competitive advantage.

This program provides financial incentives on new technologies that are commercially available and already demonstrated under Alberta conditions. To be eligible for funding, the program targets technology that is proven but not yet widely adopted within an applicant’s farm type.

The Farm Technology Program has 2 streams:

  • Farm Technology Stream – supports adoption of innovative technology that minimizes agricultural waste and optimizes farm efficiency.
  • Farm Security Stream – supports producers in their efforts to secure business assets by encouraging the adoption of best management practices in farm security.

Program details

  • Funding

    Eligible expenses will be cost-shared at 50% grant and 50% applicant.

  • Eligibility

    Eligible applicants

    An applicant must:

    • be a Primary Producer
    • be responsible for input costs for a crop, bee, or livestock operation that produces at least $25,000 worth of farm commodities annually
    • not be a landlord whose only interest in a crop, bee, or livestock operation is ownership of the land, and either:
      • have a valid and current Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) certificate or completion letter, or
      • obtain their EFP certificate or completion letter before the end of the Project Term

    Eligible activities

    See the Farm Technology Program Funding List (PDF, 228 KB) for eligible expenses.

    Ineligible expenses

    See the Farm Technology Program Funding list for ineligible expenses.

  • Before you apply

    Funding is not guaranteed until your application has been approved. You may proceed at your own risk. If your application is not approved, you will not be reimbursed for any expenses associated with your project.

    All expenses incurred prior to April 1, 2023 are ineligible.

    Reimbursement requirements

    To be reimbursed for expenses, successful applicants must include all of the following:

    • Invoices must be under the Legal Name stated on your application.
    • Invoices must be dated after April 1, 2023.
    • You must be able to provide proof of payment (processed cheque, credit card statement) for all invoices, and proof of payment must be under the legal name on your application.
    • Cash payments will not be eligible unless accompanied by an official company voucher and proof of payment.
    • Leased items must show that they have been paid in full by the applicant; that is, the applicant has reimbursed the financial institution that the lease is through and must show proof of this transaction.
    • Barter or exchange transactions are not eligible.
    • Transactions between persons related by blood, marriage, adoption, common-law relationships, or close-business ties are not eligible.
  • How to apply

    Step 1. Check your eligibility

    Determine whether you are eligible by reviewing the Farm Technology Program Terms and Conditions (PDF, 485 KB).

    Confirm that the proposed activities are eligible by reviewing the Farm Technology Program Funding List (PDF, 228 KB).

    Step 2. Complete application form

    Complete and sign the Farm Technology Program Application form (PDF, 1.1 MB).

    Step 3. Submit application form

    Submit the completed Application Form and supporting documents by:


    Send PDF applications only to: [email protected]


    Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Farm Technology Program
    Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation
    Suite 303, 7000 113 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta  T6H 5T6

  • What happens next

    • If you email your application: you will be notified by email reply that your application has been received.
    • If you mail your application: you will be notified by telephone that your application has been received.
    • If your application is missing information: you will be notified via email or telephone and asked to submit the missing information.

Processing times:

Application processing is underway but an estimated timeline for approval is not currently available. This information will be updated as soon as it is possible. We understand the importance of your application and appreciate your patience.



Connect with the Farm Technology Program team:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Toll free: 310-FARM (3276) (in Alberta)
Phone: 403-742-7901 (outside Alberta)
Email: [email protected]

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