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Cycling errors

Penalties, fines and statistics for potential errors made by cyclists.


  • The most common error committed by cyclists involved in casualty collisions is disobeying a traffic signal.
  • The largest number of casualty collisions involving bicycles occur during the evening rush-hour period (3 pm to 7 pm).
  • Cyclists aged 15 to 19 are most often involved in these collisions.


  • Only pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks. Only if a cyclist dismounts and walks their bike across a crosswalk are they a pedestrian.
  • Cyclists must travel single file (Use of Highway and Rules of the Roads Regulation, Section 78)

Penalties and fines

Cyclist errorFine
Failure to stop at a stop sign$405
Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk$810
Failure to have lights when bicycling in the dark$81
No reflectors on bicycle$162
No horn/bell on bicycle$81
Both feet on pedals, both hands on handlebars, carrying passenger (without passenger seat)$81
Distracted cycling$300