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Cycling and alcohol

How alcohol can impact your ability to bike safely, and fines you could face.


You need all your skills when you are riding the least visible and most vulnerable vehicle on the road. Alcohol impacts your:

  • depth perception
  • reaction time
  • physical abilities
  • control of the bike

Cycling is also a physical activity, and the effects of alcohol can increase when you are active.

Use the same precautions for cycling as you would any other vehicle. If you are impaired, find a designated driver or alternative safe route home.


Only drivers operating a motor vehicle can be charged with impaired driving. However, if an officer sees that you are under the influence of alcohol, you can be fined under different charges.

Depending on where and how an officer identifies that alcohol is impacting your ability to cycle safely, an officer can charge you with (and not limited to) the following infractions:

  • intoxication in a public place
  • consuming alcohol not in a licensed establishment or residence (if a cyclist has open alcohol in public)
  • operating a bicycle in a careless manner

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