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Employment standards – Enforcement

Alberta’s employment standards laws are enforced through audits, inspections, penalties, prosecutions and judgment collection.

Services and information

Employment Standards may request an audit to review an employer’s records to see if they’ve been compliant with the minimum standards.

Employment Standards works with employers and employees to ensure compliance with the rules.

Inspections may be conducted by Employment Standards to check if employers are following the rules.

If an employer fails to pay an order issued by Employment Standards, employees have options to try to collect what they’re owed.

Employers who don’t meet the minimum employment standards or fail to comply with an enforcement action may face additional penalties.

Information is posted about corporate directors of a company that are liable for payment of wages owed to an employee.

Information is posted about employers with unpaid administrative penalties.

Information is posted about employers with unsatisfied judgments against them in Alberta Courts for contravening employment standards.