The Government of Canada is changing the federal guidelines for acceptable levels of lead and manganese in drinking water. This will lead to subsequent changes in Alberta’s provincial drinking water guidelines. For details, see:

Municipal drinking water systems are regulated by Alberta Environment and Parks under the following legislation:

Standards and Guidelines

Alberta Environment and Parks is responsible for the drinking water and wastewater programs for large public systems in Alberta. The department considers the establishment of standards and guidelines for municipal waterworks, wastewater and storm drainage facilities an integral part of our regulatory program directed at ensuring public health and environmental protection.

The 2006 version of the Standards and Guidelines for Municipal Waterworks, Wastewater and Storm Drainage Systems has now been decoupled into five functionally-associated sections. Each "Part" is available for download or for purchase through Alberta Queen's Printer in a coil-bound, three-hole punched format.

To view the documents, please visit the Open Government Portal at: