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Drinking water – Performance assurance

The proper governance of drinking water facilities includes compliance inspections and enforcement, investigations and enforcement.


The Performance Assurance element is a multi-faceted approach consisting of facility approvals, technical assistance, compliance inspections, and investigation and enforcement. Approvals and registrations are issued for the construction and operation of drinking water facilities. Compliance assistance is preventative in nature and encourages continuous improvement and process optimization. Enforcement addresses instances when operators or owners fail to fulfil their obligations under their approval. In all three of these areas staff conduct routine monitoring and inspections to ensure that they are knowledgeable regarding the approved drinking waterworks systems within their region.

  • Approvals and Registrations

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the accompanying regulations set out in detail what activities require an approval or registration and the process for obtaining an approval or registration.

  • Technical assistance
  • Compliance

The Compliance Assurance Principles consider the needs for compliance assurance today and into the future and the various factors that drive changes in regulatory frameworks and strategies and approaches to compliance assurance.

These principles have played a key role in achieving high levels of compliance across all regulated sectors.

  • Investigation and Enforcement
  • Operational Assistance Pilot Program