License agreement

This Scanner Application will allow you to confirm whether an individual meets the criteria applicable in Alberta for a patron or attendee to enter the premises of a business, entity or event that is implementing the Restriction Exemption Program (“Restriction Exemption Program”).

Upon scanning a Covid Record that an individual will display to you, this application (“app”) will confirm whether that individual meets the criteria to enter the premises. Please note that a negative response on the app does not mean the individual has COVID-19.

In addition to the confirmation, the app will display personally identifying information, which you can verify against identification documents that the individual produces at the venue. Such identifying information may include, without limitation: full name, date of birth.

As a scanner, you may only use this information for a one-time identify verification and confirmation that the person meets the criteria to enter the premises. You may not use or permit the information to be used for any other purposes, including, but not limited to, marketing or sales. You may not share or permit the information to be shared with any third-parties, unless explicitly required by law. You may not collect or retain the information, or permit the information to be collected or retained, beyond noting that an individual has been verified.

Accordingly, apart from recording that you confirmed that the individual met the criteria to enter the premises, no information gained from the Restriction Exemption Program may be stored in any system of records outside the AB Covid Records Verifier app, unless otherwise required by law, regulation, rule, or as required as part of the Restriction Exemption Program. Your license to use this app may be terminated if there is any unauthorized use or disclosure of information you obtain from the app.


When using the AB Covid Record Verifier app, data is provided to you by the individual presenting their Covid Record for verification. This app confirms that the data provided by the individual verifies that the individual meets the criteria to enter the premises, according to information that has been provided to Alberta Health.  Although Alberta Health makes reasonable efforts to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information, it does not make any guarantees whatsoever as to its integrity or accuracy.

In no event will Alberta Health be responsible or liable in connection with the AB Covid Record Verifier app, the data accessed through the app, or these terms for any losses or damages whatsoever, whether based on contract (including fundamental breach or breach of a fundamental term), tort (including negligence) or other legal or equitable basis.

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