Covid Records privacy statement

How your information is collected when using the Covid Records Service (this Service).

Why Alberta Health is collecting your information

The information you are asked to enter when you use this Service is being collected by the Government of Alberta’s Department of Health (Alberta Health) in accordance with Sections 20(b), 21(1)(a), 22(2)(a), (b), 27(2)(b), 27(1)(f), 33 and 45 of the Health Information Act (HIA) for the purpose of providing you with your Covid Records. The information you provide will be protected in accordance with the HIA. If you have questions about the collection of your information or require technical support with this Service, please send an email to [email protected] or call 1-888-527-1224.

By submitting information to this Service, you acknowledge and represent to Alberta Health:

1. You are either requesting Covid Records for yourself, or you are legally authorized to submit information, and request Covid Records, on behalf of the individual whose information you are requesting.

2. You understand that:

a. It is an offence under the HIA to knowingly collect health information, or gain or attempt to gain access to health information, in contravention of the HIA.

b. Alberta Health is monitoring and auditing this access, and may disclose the audits to a third party. Alberta Health logs and audits the information submitted and users who access this Service. Alberta Health may disclose the information to the person who is the subject of the information, someone acting on their behalf, or the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

3. You agree that your use of this Service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Service.