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Active consultations and engagements

Find opportunities to get involved in consultation and engagement activities with the Alberta government.

Advisory Panel on Coal Communities

Engaging with communities impacted by the retirements of coal-fired power plants.

Agricultural policy framework engagement

Share your thoughts on how to drive an innovative, competitive and profitable agriculture and agri-food sector.

Alberta’s approach to cannabis legalization

The federal government introduced legislation to legalize cannabis by July 2018. Alberta can decide how it will adapt to this legislation.

Budget 2017 Consultations

How Albertans helped shape and inform the provincial budget.

Builder licensing engagement

Albertans provided input on a builder licensing program designed to strengthen consumer protection in residential home construction.

City Charters

This new regulation will support Calgary and Edmonton’s unique needs as Alberta’s largest urban centres.

Climate Change Advisory Panel

Alberta's climate change advisory panel engaged with Albertans to recommend a plan for action.

Climate Technology Task Force

Leading stakeholder engagement and guiding Alberta’s investments in greenhouse gas reduction innovation and technology.

Condominium rules consultation

Help guide modern, fair laws to protect condo owners and support responsible governance of vibrant condominium communities.

Consumer protection consultation

Provide feedback on ways the government can improve Alberta's consumer protection legislation.

Energy Diversification Advisory Committee

Exploring opportunities to diversify Alberta's energy sector, create jobs and stimulate investment by adding value to our energy resources.

Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel

Provided advice on energy efficiency programs and energy systems for homes, businesses and communities.

Farm and ranch workplace legislation

Workplace legislation regarding waged, non-family farm workers.

Indigenous off-reserve affordable housing engagement

Increasing the supply of off-reserve, non-market, affordable rental housing units for Indigenous peoples in need.

OHS system review

Participate in a review of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system to ensure Albertans are working in healthy and safe workplaces.

Oil Sands Advisory Group

Advises government on the oil sands aspects of the Climate Leadership Plan.

Oil Sands Emissions Limit engagement

Provide input on the Oil Sands Advisory Group's recommendations for implementing a 100 megatonne limit on emissions in the oil sands.

Output Based Allocation System Engagement

Alberta's new approach to managing industry greenhouse gas emissions.

Provincial public transportation strategy

Engagement on Alberta’s new provincial public transportation strategy wraps up.

Traffic Safety Act consultation

Albertans shared their thoughts about helmet use for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) on public land and penalties for excessive speedings.

Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) Review

The WCB was reviewed as part of the Alberta government’s formal review of agencies, boards and commissions.

Working to foster a more inclusive Alberta

Gathering input on ways the government can fight racism, foster acceptance and promote an inclusive society.