Public engagement glossary of terms

Terms used to categorize the status and type of engagement projects.



Engagements labelled ‘open’ are accepting input on an issue or specific project.

Results under review

Engagements labelled ‘results under review’ have finished collecting input, and the Alberta government is preparing to make a decision.


Engagements labelled ‘completed’ have resulted in a decision. A record of completed engagement projects by the Government of Alberta typically includes an overview, outcomes and next steps.



Engagements labelled ‘public’ are open to anyone who wants to participate.

Advisory panel

Engagements labelled ‘advisory panel’ have appointed people to consider an issue and provide recommendations or advice. Advisory panels may sometimes engage the public and stakeholders on issues within their mandate.


Engagements labelled ‘stakeholder’ are open to representatives of organizations with relevant or specific expertise.