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Expandable and collapsible, stacked headings that when clicked reveal content related to the heading.
How to display the Government of Alberta (GoA) signature logo.
Provides a linked, visual aid for important actions.
Colour coded text boxes used to alert people to events, important changes, urgent notices, and emergencies.
Text box that describes or conveys the subject matter of an image, chart or table.
A linked, rectangular container that facilitates navigation.
An input field allowing for multiple selections from a small list of options.
How to apply the accessible, brand-derived colour palette from the Government of Alberta colour standards.
Thin lines used to separate blocks of content.
A field that allows you to select one option from a large list of hidden options.
A decorative component on a marketing page where the page title and lead sentence are visible over a large image.
A list of guidelines and references for icons used in specific user interface elements.