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A list of guidelines and references for icons used in specific user interface elements.
Provides a linked, visual aid for important actions.
Expandable and collapsible, stacked headings that when clicked reveal content related to the heading.
A structured arrangement of detailed alphanumeric data in rows and columns.
The social share component allows you to share a page through one of the Government of Alberta’s social media channels.
Input field allowing for a single selection from a small list of options commonly found in a form.
Pagination allows you to scroll through multiple pages or screens, as part of a related set.
An input field allowing for multiple selections from a small list of options.
A linked, rectangular container that facilitates navigation.
Site-wide messaging with a strong, visual emphasis about important changes or facts the public need to know.
A hierarchy of actions provided by buttons and various styles for in-page hyperlinks.
Aspect ratios, size requirements and writing guidelines for images.

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