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Alberta signature logo

How to display the Government of Alberta (GoA) signature logo.


A logo is part of a visual identity system. It helps you recognize the entity you are interacting with, as well as identify the website you are currently on.


Image of the Alberta Government logo

Usage guidelines


According to WCAG, text that is part of a logo or brand name has no contrast requirement.


All Government of Alberta (GoA) websites must present the Alberta signature logo in stone and sky, 2 colours from the GoA branded colour pallet.

Visual identity

The logo should not contain ‘sub-branded’ elements such as names of government programs, departments, or applications. Find additional guidelines and exceptions in Section 1.1 of the Visual Identity Manual.

Size and positioning

Position the logo in the top left corner of every page, within a responsive header bar spanning the full width of the page. The logo requires a 24-pixel margin on all 4 sides.

Secondary logos

Site-wide secondary logos, if they exist, are to be placed at the bottom of the page within the footer.

Logo icon

Alberta signature logo in an icon format can be found on the App Store and Google Play.

All App Store and Google Play store icons for native mobile apps need to follow Government of Alberta (GoA) corporate identity guidelines.

Apple automatically adjusts the size of the icon, but Android requires multiple sizes.

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