Digital experience standard – Compliance

Get started using the Government of Alberta digital experience standard for public facing websites and applications.

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These standards and polices only apply to people directly employed by or contracted by the Government of Alberta (GoA) to design, develop, or write public facing website and web applications owned and operated by the GoA and its agencies.

Steps to compliance

Step 1. Review web design checklist and other GoA policies

Familiarize yourself with the design standards checklist and templates. These high level items need to be met to become standard compliant. Without compliance your project development times will be impacted.

Additional review for other GoA policies that may impact your project:

Step 2. Contact Us

Contact the web governance team to check for integration with and other GoA websites. To avoid duplication of functionality, some content or applications can be directly built into or other properties.

Exemptions from some or all of the digital experience standard may be granted in some scenarios.

Step 3. Inform your ministry communications team

Ministry communications teams will be able to asses how your project interacts with other projects and priorities with the GoA and help establish timelines for announcements.

Step 4. Develop website or application

Use the provided standards and design documents to develop the application. Resources and downloads may be helpful in development, but are not necessary.

Step 5. Pre-launch review

Please allow 2-4 weeks before launch for a review of the application to ensure it is compliant with the digital experience standard.

This will also add your project to a list of approved websites and applications to receive updates in the future.

Examples of compliant applications

Get help with housing

Find potential affordable housing options that may suit your situation.

Kananaskis Conservation

Pass Starting June 1 purchase a day, multi-day or annual Kananaskis Conservation Pass.

Child Care Subsidy

Application Apply for funding to assist with the cost of child care.


For feedback regarding and the digital experience standard, use the feedback form on Contact government.

To inquire about getting started using these standards email [email protected].