Commercial driver and road test engagement

Gathered feedback on initiatives to improve training and oversight of the commercial truck and bus industry and driver road test services.

Engagement status: Under review. Survey closed July 27, 2018
Ministry responsible: Transportation


Safety on Alberta roads is a top priority. We’re exploring 3 initiatives to strengthen the training, testing and oversight of all drivers, particularly those in the commercial trucking industry:

  • mandatory entry level training for commercial truck and bus drivers
  • pre-entry requirements for new commercial carriers
  • modifying the road test model for all driver's licence classes

Mandatory training for commercial drivers

Alberta is considering introducing a mandatory entry level training (MELT) program for drivers who want to get a Class 1 (tractor-trailer) or Class 2 (bus) professional licence.

  • Currently, Alberta does not have regulated training requirements for Class 1 or 2 licenses.
  • Following Ontario's lead, jurisdictions across Canada are considering MELT programs.
  • Feedback will help inform the new requirements and refine the curriculum.

Fact sheet: Mandatory Entry Level Training (PDF, 22 KB)

Requirements for new commercial carriers

Alberta is exploring options to require new commercial carriers to prove their compliance with national standards before receiving safety certification.

  • Currently, Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada to offer a temporary certificate, giving new companies a 60-day period to prove their compliance.
  • By removing the temporary certificate, new trucking companies will have to demonstrate they have comprehensive knowledge of federal and provincial regulations before they begin operations.
  • Feedback will identify possible barriers for smaller carriers and inform new requirements.

Fact sheet: Carrier pre-entry process (PDF, 28 KB)

Driver examiner road test model

Alberta is exploring ways to improve the road test model for all classes of drivers, including the possibility of restoring driver examiners as government employees.

  • Currently, Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada with a fully privatized road test model and has the highest road test fees in the country.
  • Issues such as inconsistent fees, poor service and unprofessional behaviour were identified in a 2016 independent report (PDF, 526 KB).
  • Modifications will aim to improve service, particularly in rural Alberta.
  • Feedback will help define appropriate test fees and determine the best model to improve service.

Fact sheet: Driver examiner road test model (PDF, 30 KB)


Industry stakeholders

Stakeholders in the trucking industry, registry agents, driver training facilities and driver examiners will be consulted to help refine requirements and to identify unnecessary barriers and opportunities for improvements.

Online survey

The survey closed on July 27, 2018. We are reviewing feedback.


Your feedback will be used to inform the development of the new initiatives. We expect to implement any changes by early 2019.



Better-trained drivers keep roads safe (July 10, 2018)