Agricultural policy framework engagement

Albertans shared their thoughts and priorities for a new agriculture framework to replace Growing Forward 2.

This engagement has been archived
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Agriculture and Forestry
Completed: 2018


The government sought input from the public to identify priorities for the new Agricultural Policy Framework, which would replace Growing Forward 2 after it expired in March 2018.

Growing Forward 2 was a federal-provincial-territorial framework with a mandate to drive an innovative, competitive and profitable Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector. It supported business risk management and strategic programs for the agricultural sector and focused on 3 main priorities:

  • innovation
  • competitiveness
  • market development

Public input helped ensure the new framework agreement met the needs and priorities of Alberta’s industry and consumers. Albertans had opportunities to make suggestions during two rounds of consultation.


Phase one

The first round of consultations through an online survey closed on May 8, 2017.

The survey focused on the overarching agreement that outlines the programs and processes that will be the same across Canada and the key priorities identified by agriculture ministers in the Calgary Statement, including:

  • markets and trade
  • science, research and innovation
  • risk management
  • environmental sustainability and climate change
  • value-added agriculture and agri-food processing
  • public trust

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Phase two

A second round of consultation focused on programs specific to Alberta closed on March 18, 2018.

During this phase, Albertans had an opportunity to provide input on program concepts for the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) that began April 2018 after Growing Forward 2 expired.


The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), which succeeds Growing Forward 2, is a federal, provincial and territorial framework designed to strengthen the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector, ensuring continued innovation, growth and prosperity.

Based on feedback from Albertans, the CAP program and activities will focus on:

  • growing trade and expanding markets
  • supporting innovative and sustainable growth of the agri-based product sector, and
  • helping farmers manage risks that threaten the health of their farm through effective business management programs

The Canadian and Alberta governments will invest $406 million over the next 5 years to support strategic programs and activities under the partnership.


Partnership supports Alberta’s agricultural sector (March 26, 2018)