A commercial carrier is the registered owner of one or more commercial vehicles used to transport goods, passengers, or provide a service.

Carriers must obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate before they can begin operations.

New carriers

New carriers must complete a Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) application. The application fee is $150. New carriers are also required to complete the Pre-entry Program for commercial carriers, which includes:

  • completing the SFC Compliance Course
  • passing the SFC Compliance Knowledge Test at an Alberta Registry Office
  • completing a new carrier compliance review within 12 months of the SFC being issued

Appropriate individual

If the vehicle(s) are registered to an individual, the appropriate individual must be the registered owner. The appropriate individual for a corporation is a designated officer for the corporation.

An officer must be designated in writing by the Director(s) of the corporation and must participate in the corporation’s day-to-day operations.

Download the New Carrier Fact Sheet for more information.

Pre-Entry Program

Introduced March 1, 2019, the Pre-Entry Program for National Safety Code carriers is required for all commercial carriers applying for a new SFC. It is important that the appropriate individual complete the program.

  • Step 1. Safety Fitness Certificate Compliance Course

    The course contains 6 modules and takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete.

    • Access the course online.
    • Create a 511 Alberta account – the appropriate individual must create the account in their full name.
    • Complete the self-assessments for each module and a certificate of completion will be automatically generated.
    • Save your certificate to your computer, as you will need to upload it to your Safety Fitness Certificate application.
  • Step 2. Safety Fitness Certificate Knowledge Test

    The knowledge test covers what you learn in the SFC Compliance Course. The test covers both bus and truck operations.

    • The appropriate individual must take the test at an Alberta Registry Office.
    • The individual taking the test must come prepared with Alberta issued identification (for example, driver’s licence).
    • You must receive a score of 80% or higher to pass. Applicants must wait 24 hours to re-take a test, if they are unsuccessful in obtaining 80% or higher.
    • The knowledge test must be passed within 180 days of the application being made.

    The Safety Fitness Certificate Compliance Course and knowledge tests are only available in English.

  • Step 3. Register your vehicle(s)

    Register your vehicle(s) at an Alberta registry office and take note of the motor vehicle identification (MVID) number that appears on the registration document, as you will require this number when you complete the SFC application.

  • Step 4. SFC Application

    The new SFC application must be completed and paid for online. Incomplete applications are returned via email.

    Ensure you have the following documents and information ready to provide:

    • MVID number found on your vehicle registration document
    • the nature of your business, for example: hauling goods, providing a service, or transporting passengers
    • the amount of insurance coverage in place
    • where you will operate (within or outside of Alberta)
    • the certificate of completion for the SFC Compliance Course
    • confirmation you have written safety and maintenance programs
    • a credit card for the application fee payment (Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, and American Express are accepted)

    Go to the Safety Fitness Certificate Application for new carriers.

  • Step 5. Obtain the certificate

    The certificate will be issued once the application has been reviewed and approved. The certificate is only available electronically through the Online Services, Carrier Document Portal. You will need to create an account, in order to access your certificate. You will need the following information to request an account:

    • name: individual and company
    • email address: confirmation of your account and password resets will be sent here
    • approval code: found in the email indicating the SFC application is complete
    • MVID: Found on the vehicle registration document associated with your company
    • NSC Carrier number: you will not receive this number until your SFC has been issued and can be found at the top of the email you receive notifying you the certificate has been issued


Carriers are reminded that notices, letters and documents regarding their SFC are only available electronically through Transportation’s Online Services' Carrier Document Portal.

Carriers must ensure they have access to the Carrier Document Portal and make sure their email address is kept up-to-date. Notifications of a new document being available in the Carrier Document Portal will be emailed from [email protected] and carriers are encouraged to add this email to their 'Safe Senders' list or check their junk mail folder regularly.

Once you have received the certificate, a copy needs to be carried in each vehicle that requires the certificate. You are now authorized to operate.

New carrier compliance review

All carriers going through the Pre-Entry Program are required to complete a new carrier compliance review within 9 to 12 months of being issued their SFC.

Compliance reviews are completed at the cost of the carrier by a third party auditor or reviewer.

Carriers that do not complete this requirement within 12 months, will have their certificate suspended and cannot legally operate commercial vehicles under the National Safety Code Program. Any carrier suspended for a period of 6 months will have their safety rating downgraded to 'Unsatisfactory' and cannot re-apply for a SFC for a period of 6 months.