Coal-fired electricity generation will be phased out by Dec 31, 2029.

As part of the Coal Workforce Transition Fund, the Coal and Electricity Transition Tuition Voucher provides affected coal workers with a maximum of $12,000 to pursue post-secondary education to train for new careers.

Eligibility criteria

You're eligible if you:

  • worked for an eligible employer for at least one year immediately prior to losing your job due to the coal-fired electricity phase out
  • received a formal notice for a layoff date on or after Jan 2, 2018
  • are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person

You can use the voucher while receiving financial assistance from other programs, such as EI benefits, bridge to re-employment grant and student aid.

You're not eligible if you:

  • quit or were fired from your position
  • were in a contract position
  • are retiring
  • received bridge to retirement assistance

Eligible programs of study

The voucher can be used for credit courses in certificate, diploma or degree (undergraduate or graduate) programs at one of Alberta’s:

Eligible programs

  • full-time, part-time and open studies
  • apprenticeship technical training
  • pre-employment programs

Non-credit (i.e., continuing education) courses offered through the public post-secondary system can be considered when you demonstrate the training supplements existing skills and leads to increased employability. Speak to a Career and Employment Counsellor for more information.

Ineligible programs

  • private career college programs
  • out-of-country programs
  • out-of-province programs, except when not available in Alberta
  • any program not offered through public post-secondary institutions or First Nations Colleges

Grant funding to attend academic upgrading programs is available through the Foundational Learning Supports program.

How it works

You have 5 years from your lay-off date to use the full $12,000 maximum value of the voucher.

The money can be used up in a single year or spread over multiple years. The voucher is transferrable across eligible post-secondary institutions and programs.

The money will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution. Payments will not be made to individuals.

Eligible expenses

  • tuition
  • mandatory instructional and non-instructional fees

The voucher can also be used towards apprenticeship programs and services that have a fee and are offered directly by Apprenticeship and Industry Training with Advanced Education.

Ineligible expenses

  • application fees
  • books, equipment or supplies

Once a portion of the voucher is used, you’ll be notified of your remaining balance and will receive a T4A tax slip (the institution you attend will issue a T2202A tax slip used to calculate the tuition tax credit).

You’re responsible for tuition costs that exceed the value of the voucher.

How to apply

Please speak with the onsite Career and Employment Counsellor regarding your eligibility for the tuition voucher and review the program guidelines.


For eligibility questions or to make an appointment:

Alberta Supports Contact Centres
Hours: 7:30 am to 8 pm
Phone: 877-644-9992
TTY: 1-800-232-7215 (provincewide – ask to speak to Alberta Supports)
Email general inquiries